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Assessment of the relationship between endometrial thickness and number of dominant follicles in pregnancy rate among 361 intrauterine insemination cases (52280 View)
Prevalence of hepatitis C and its risk factors in blood donors at Shiraz transfusion center (38991 View)
Comparison of pregnant and non-pregnant women with clomiphene resistant polycystic ovary syndrome in treatment with metformin and letrozole (14661 View)
Antibacterial effects of hydro-alcoholic extracts of Ziziphora tenuior, Teucrium polium, Barberis corcorde and Stachys inflate (14325 View)
Normative data and psychometric properties of the quality of life questionnaire for patients with diabetes mellitus (14066 View)
Isolation of Aspergillus niger glucose oxidase gene and cloning of that prokaryotic host (14025 View)
Systemic administrations of Bombesin modulate acute pain in mice (13798 View)
Prevalence of anemia and some of the related individual factors in the third trimest e r of the pregnancy in women referred to Semnan university of medical sciences clin ics (1999 ) (12891 View)
Learning styles of nursing and allied health students in Semnan university of medical sciences (12672 View)
Effects of oral morphine consumption during pregnancy on retina development of the Wistar rat embryo (12359 View)
Effect of a patella support brace on myoelectric activity of knee joint muscles during single leg landing (12307 View)
koomesh journal Summer 2010, Vol. 11, No.4 (12255 View)
Survey of health, social and economic conditions of the elderly and their leisure time (12173 View)
Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of Portolaca oleracea extracts in mice & rat (11695 View)
Comparison of the differentiation potential of human mesenchymal stem cells and several animal species (11608 View)
Efficacy of low level laser on knee osteoarthritis treatment (11601 View)
The incidence of complications of vaccination in children and infants of Semnan, Iran (11393 View)
Koomesh journal Spring 2010, Vol. 11, No.3 (11147 View)
Effect of a period of aquatic exercise therapy on the quality of life, anxiety and depression in patients with hemophilia (10881 View)
Comparison of artificial neural network and Cox regression models in survival prediction of gastric cancer patients (10879 View)
Assessment the effects of hydroalcoholic extract of Thymus vulgaris on acute pain in hot plate and tail flick in mice (10843 View)
Effects of aerobic training on leptin, tumor necrosis factor-α and interleukin-6 levels in obese and lean men (10647 View)
Protective effects of chronic administration of silymarin on blood glucose and lipids and oxidative stress in diabetic rats (10526 View)
Optimization of floating crude oil biodegradation by isolated microorganisms via experimental design method (10489 View)
Tolerance to anti-nociceptive effects of sodium-salicylate and morphine decreases adenosine deaminase activity in the rat hippocampus (10410 View)
Prevalence and cause of smoking in the medicine students (10391 View)
A survey on the distribution of coronary risk factors based on myocardial perfusion scan and dipyridamol test in patients who referred for myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) to the Nuclear Medicine Department of Shahrood Imam Hossien hospital (10387 View)
Sample size determination for matched studies (10344 View)
Optimization of propylene glycol removal in a fixed bed activated sludge bioreactor by Taguchi method (9997 View)
Changes of plasma leptin and adiponectin levels in response to combined endurance and resistance training in sedentary postmenopausal women (9985 View)
Prevalence of obesity and some factors associated with in Semnan population aged 20-55 years (9923 View)
Long–term antibody response and immunologic memory in children immunized with hepatitis B vaccine at birth (9872 View)
Survey of the prevalence of the articulation disorders in primary-school children (Semnan-2004) (9699 View)
Effects of educational intervention on women’s behaviors in utilization of oils and fats (9600 View)
Summer 2009, Vol. 10, No.4 (9526 View)
Lipid profile and fat intake of adolescents: Isfashan healthy heart program-heart health promotion from children (9517 View)
The role of sport on job burnout of employees (9515 View)
Study of educational needs of 12-14 years old girls about adolescent health and determines appropriate and effective strategies for adolescent health education (9490 View)
Endothelium-dependent effect of Amaranthus caudatus feeding on contractile properties of thoracic aorta from diabetic rats (9472 View)
Prospective evaluation of a new “ultra rapid paper urease test” for detecting the Helicobacter pylori in gastric mucosa (9404 View)
The effects of two educational methods, classic and critical thinking strategies, on the stable learning of nursing students (9368 View)
An epidemiological study of psychiatric disorders in Semnan province in year 2001 (9357 View)
An assessment of the factors involved in effective attenuation coefficient of the compensator material for the treatment with 6MV photons using intensity modulated radiation therapy method (9343 View)
Koomesh: Summer 2008, Vol. 9, No.4 (9307 View)
Spiritual beliefs and quality of life: A qualitative research about diabetic adolescent girls' perception (9286 View)
Nurses' and patients' viewpoints regarding quality of nursing care in the teaching hospitals of Semnan University of Medical Sciences, 2009 (9252 View)
Calculation of population atributable burden of excess weight and obesity to non-contagious diseases in Markazi provience of Iran (9167 View)
Survival estimating following recurrence in gastric cancer patients and its relative factors (9135 View)
Dose topical application of breast milk affect on bacterial colonization in umbilical cord? (9102 View)
Result and complication of vertical banded gastroplasty in morbid obesity (9074 View)
koomesh: Winter 2010, Vol. 11, No.2 (9070 View)
Application of Bayes method in determining of the risk factors on the survival rate of gastric cancer patients (9068 View)
Application of fuzzy clustering in analysis of included proteins in esophagus, stomach and colon cancers based on similarity of Gene Ontology annotation (9048 View)
Internal evaluation of parasitology and mycology department of Urmia university of medical sciences (9027 View)
Adsoptive immobilization of glutamate dehydrogenase in allosterically-activated conformation (9023 View)
Assessment of body mass index and its relationship with iron status indices among women in rural areas of Kerman province, Iran (9020 View)
Study of the blood lead levels and related factors in the 6-11 years old children ‌in Semnan (9004 View)
A model for nursing college evaluation (9003 View)
A Fuzzy expert system for prescribing atorvastatin optimum dose (8941 View)
Self evaluation for quality improvment in department of internal medicine of Semnan university of medical sciences (8898 View)
The effect of piperine on analgesia and naloxone-indued jumping in morphine dependent mice (8876 View)
Internal evaluation as a means of quality improvment of education in the department of anatomical sciences in Semnan university of medical sciences (8856 View)
Removal of chrome and nickel from sewages-polluted water sources by using Oak fruit (8825 View)
Survey of the frequency of the types of gall stones and it's related risk factors in cholecystectomized patients in Semnan (2002-2003) (8807 View)
Cloning of glucose oxidase gene in PKK233-3 (8745 View)
Effects of Valeriane Officinalis, Satureja Hortensis, and Mentha Piperita extracts on the withdrawal syndrome signs in mice (8743 View)
The efficiency and lastingness of tap water iontophoresis on idiopathic hyperhidrosis and comparison of the treatmental electrodes in the girl students of the Semnan university of medical sciences (8732 View)
Epidemiologic study on suicide attempt in affiliated hospitals of Semnan University of medical sciences (8715 View)
Effects of aerobic training on some inflammatory markers in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (8702 View)
The study of relationship between menorrhagia and gestational diabetes (8682 View)
Survival rate in MI patients (8546 View)
Comparison of osteoblast cells growth in flat and long bones in mice and rabbits (8544 View)
Survey of the effect of the Semnani language on the mean length of utterance (MLU) of Farsi language among the normal 6-year-old children in the kindergartens affiliated to the education bureau in Semnan (8539 View)
Comparison of the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy and medication on the quality of life in the patients with essential hypertension (8531 View)
Group's internal evaluation of physiology department of Semnan university of medical sciences (8509 View)
Survival analysis of renal transplantation and its relationship with age and sex (8509 View)
Viewpoints of nursing and para-medical students about the features of a good university lecturer (8504 View)
Evaluation of cryptosporidiosis in diarrheic children referred to Amir al Moemenin hospital, Semnan (8479 View)
A survey on frequency of drug-induced akathisia in psychiatric wards using two methods: clinical diagnosis and Barnes rating scale (8474 View)
Association between C-reactive protein and high-density lipoprotein of cholesterol among adults in Tehran city (8434 View)
Effects of opiate receptor agonists and antagonists on spontaneuse seizure activity in hipocampal slices (8433 View)
Survey of the frequency percentage of doping drugs among the male-body building athletes and rate of knowledge to side-effects (8418 View)
Cancer-related fatigue in breast cancer patients under chemotherapy (8406 View)
Comparison of the mean growth indices between breast fed and formula fed infants from 0 to 9 months old who refered to the health centers and health houses in Semnan in year 1995 (8402 View)
Koomesh: Autumn 2009, Vol. 11, No.1 (8399 View)
Hubble-bubble smoking in pregnancy effects on birth weight and other pregnancy outcomes (8387 View)
Effects of L-asparginase administration on anticoagulant proteins and platelet function in patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (8383 View)
Survey of the relationship between of thrombophilic factors and the rate and severity of bleeding in patients with severe hemophilia A (8363 View)
Amitriptyline efficacy in control of acute opioid withdrawal syndrome (8358 View)
Internal evaluation of social medicine department of Semnan university of medical sciences (2002) (8312 View)
The effect of topically applied water extract of Rhazya stricta on cutaneous wound healing in rats (8291 View)
Effects of dexamethasone injection into dentate gyrus of the hippocampus on memory storage in rat (8266 View)
BK virus (BKV) quantifcation in urine samples of bone marrow transplanted patients is helpful for diagnosis of hemorrhagiccystitis (8261 View)
Relation of body mass index, abdominal obesity, some nutritional habits and hypertension in 25-65 year old population of Tehran (8245 View)
Prevalence of unintended pregnancy and its related factors in Arak 2007 (8231 View)
Catamenial anaphylaxis (8224 View)
Comparing three adjuvant chemotherapy regimes after modified radical mastectomy in breast cancer patients using log-logistic model (8203 View)
The efficacy of 2% lidocaine gel versus diclofenac suppository in pain reliving after episiotomy (8171 View)
Survey of the nutritional status and relationship between physical activity and nutritional attitude with index of BMI-for-age in Semnan girl secondary school, winter and spring, 2004 (8166 View)
Joint position sense of the knee in healthy female athletes across the menstrual cycle (8122 View)
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